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DREAM CITY Thunder Athletics Recieve 5 STAR REVIEW from a Parent

 "Coach Marsh was a very skilled coach. He was extremely encouraging and had a very good routine for her to follow to develop the skills needed. I especially liked how he encouraged a good work ethic as an athlete. He talked about goal-setting and each time you come to the field strive to do better than the last time." - Dawn Hussey

Wed Jul 01 2020

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Who is DREAM CITY Thunder Athletics?

DREAM CITY Thunder Athletics is our sports department of DREAM COMMUNITY EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER. DREAM stands for "Desire to Reach Excellence Adds Motivation". CITY stands for "CHRIST INSPIRED TOWARDS YOUTH." THUNDER is just an awesome name with a logo of a "Lion" that represents "Desire and Unbreakable Will." 1. We provide opportunities for all youth to be successful. 2.We, also, provide an outlet for youth. Some youth just need a mentor who he/ she can rely on to be there for them. We teach them purpose, and that's what life is based on purpose. 3. We're partnered with ncsasports.org, and we help provide them that opportunity to excel at the next level. Player development is very important along with being a good teammate / role model, making each other better and having fun in the process.

DREAM CITY Youth Soccer Registration Forms are now available here.

Greetings from Dream City Thunder Athletics

Dear Thunder Friends and Family,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit of what Dream City Thunder is about. My name is Coach Reggie Marsh Jr., The Head Coach of Dream City Thunder Basketball Team.  I was an Assistant Coach under Coach Gaston Collins at Southern Lee High School, and learned over the years from  Coach Larry Goins, Coach Reggie Peace and other coaches along the way. All of those coaches are about serving the community.  
What is Dream City Thunder?
 Dream stands for 'Desire to Reach Excellence Adds Motivation. City stands for "Christ Inspired Towards Youth."  Our mission is to provide opportunities for our youth to be successful, and to teach and prepare each student-athlete about life.   We will, also, be teaching them how serve the community as well.  We follow the AAU guidelines. Dream City is Sanford-based that caters to all youth in surrounding areas as well.  We are a Community based team because we do want to give back to the community. We're, indeed, starting from scratch.  We are still applying for grants and sponsors and fundraisers to make "The Dream" happen.  We are, also, big on networking and partnerships. It will be great to learn more from all of you during our first year of existence.
What are Our Goals and Standards?
Our goal is to provide to opportunities for our student athletes to have an opportunity to play at the next level.   Ideally, we will have Boys and Girls Middle School and High School Teams.  We're starting from scratch.  We do have a Boys High School Travel Team (JV and Varsity).  
We want to provide opportunities for all our students athletes to be successful. We're  really BIG about The Family and  Community Concept. This is a small part of the whole picture. Dream City itself will be more than just a travel team. Providing opportunities for everyone to be successful and having fun in the process.  DREAM stands for "desire to reach excellence adds motivation." CITY stands for "Christ Inspired Towards  Youth." This is, also,an avenue to give back to the community as well. Our student athletes will participate in community projects and events as well. They will learn how to be effective  role models.  This is a Select Team to acknowledge players for their dedication and efforts during the course of the season. Academics is key as well. Each student athlete must pass at least 3 out of 4 classes and /or maintain at least a 2.0 or better. This is especially for those who want to play at the next level at the travel team level. Having High Character is key as well for all students. This will be fun and we will provide tutoring and other avenues to be successful. But we're beginning our journey with basketball. I am excited for this opportunity. It's all about God, progression, making each other better, having high character and having fun! Who are we?! Thunder!  What do we do?! Storm!
Any investment to our program will be greatly appreciated. We will have our own camps, fundraisers, applying for grants along with asking for sponsors because we are looking for own practice facilities and place that we can call home.   The Basketball program is just a small portion of The DREAM Project.  We are about serving the community young and old.  We're here to create partnerships as well, and support those who have a vision.  It will, also, provide a place for families to enjoy and grow. I'm excited for this start of Our Basketball Program, and I'm excited that it will definitely will benefit everyone. We will also advertise your program and recognized as a big part to Our Thunder Family.  We will acknowledge you and your program to each camp and game. I can see this to be a solid partnership.   Check out our Power Point of our overall vision.  Thank you for your time. If have any ideas and/or questions, contact me at 919 353 8525 or email me at reggiemarshjr@gmail.com.
Continue to be blessed,
Coach Reggie Marsh, Jr


Youth Soccer Camp Registration is still going on. For more information, please contact Coach Reggie Marsh Jr at (919) 353-8525.

Desire to Reach Excellence Adds Motivation. Christ Inspired Towards Youth.

It's all about God, progression, making each other better, having high character and having fun! It's Always a Great Day to be A Champion!


DCTV LIVE, also, has its Facebook page. It will, also, air on Instagram also.

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Dream City Basketball visited Chapel Hill to play against Chapel Locals in a pick up game.

Join Our Thunder Family! Player Registration is opening up for Basketball for Monday, July 27, 2020.

With Dream City Thunder Athletics, you will be more than just being a part of team. You will be a part of family who provides and creates opportunities for all youth and others to be successful. You will also learn how to be an ambassador for your community. You will learn how to be future leaders and how to have purpose. You will learn how to serve and give back to the community.

Dear Thunder Family and Friends,

This is Coach Reggie Marsh Jr. Just want to send a reminder of The Player Registration Deadline.  It's $125 per player to cover jersey costs and Team Registration.  We're looking at attending camps as well.  Looking forward to you being a part of our family!

Our Travel Teams consist of Boys and Girls Middle School and High School Basketball Teams.  We'll add more sports along the way!  For more information, please contact me at 919 353 8525 or email me at reggiemarshjr@gmail.com. 


Continue to be blessed,


Coach Reggie Marsh Jr.


Tacos Nunez was The First Food Place that was on DCTV LIVE.

Dream City Thunder Basketball makes debut tonight @6:30pm

Dream City Thunder Basketball Team debuts Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at First Baptist Church @6:30pm. This is a scrimmage to showcase our team against Grace Christian JV and San City. Come and support our cause. Our staff and our players are excited to be put in the position to be successfull.   We're accepting donations to help with Team Registration and other team expenses.   It's always a Great day to be a Champion!


LBA Thunder vs Dream City Thunder: "When 2 Storms Collide" Rivalry Basketball Game set for Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Dream City Thunder vs LBA Thunder at 7:30pm in Spring Lake

We have confirmed on our official game vs LBA Thunder of Spring Lake, NC. We will be traveling  to Spring Lake, NC to face The LBA Thunder @7:30pm. 

 LBA Thunder is a very established team run by Coach Street. They, also, do a lot events for the community.  They are where we want to be as time progress.  We will definitely learn from them. 

Then there is our team, The Dream City Thunder, first year team just been around since March.  Our Jv and Varsity teams played well in our first ever scrimmage on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 vs Grace Christian and San City Ballers at First Baptist Church.  We are Desiring to Reach Excellence Adds Motivation.  A team who is hungry and ready to make a statement.  

I believe that this can be a good "Home-n-Home" series down the road.  This will be a fun game to watch and to be a part. The game will be held some time next week. This is, also, a tune up for the Mustang Jamboree in Apex on June 22nd-23rd. For information, contact Coach Reggie Marsh, Jr at 919 949 0427 or email at coachrmarsh@gmail.com.  Who are we?! Thunder! What do we do?! Storm!   

Dream City's The Storm Front Invitational has been moved to a later date.

We will prepare for Next Saturday's Tournament.

We just been informed that The Storm Front Invitational has been moved to a later date.  Gate City Grizzlies informed us that they were participating in a tournament in Greensboro.  We are trying to schedule  The Invitational as soon as possible.  Our first road trip will be June 9th at a ACA Hoops Tournament.